Seoul Food (Part 2)

Note: This is a follow up post regarding Seoul, South Korea bites from a short business trip.

Disappointed that the concierge could not point out a Korean Fried Chicken spot nearby (they said there were places that would deliver but that didn’t sound appealing), a return trip to the 11th floor of the Lotte Department Store was warranted.

Rice & Rice Italiano fusion restaurant offered “Omurice” (omelet filled with fried rice typically offered in Japanese Izakaya places) paired with different protein choices (steaks, fried fish, pork/chicken cutlets, etc.). “Italian” dishes such as spaghetti with cream sauce and chicken cutlets with cheese are some of the other options on the menu. My omurice was accompanied by chili shrimp which provided some nice spice and sweetness to the plate:

The lightly fried fluffy rice contained within the thin scrambled egg shell was tastily studded with SPAM bits, carrots, olives, peas and black olives (this last ingredient must be the fusion part):

On the last night of the short trip, the Club Lounge in the Lotte Hotel World offered a very interesting bite during cocktail time: foie gras canapés (always a treat for us Californians since the ban):

I took full advantage of getting my share of the goose liver served on top of a baguette slice with whole blueberry syrup and chopped macadamia nuts:

The Club Lounge provides many self-pour liquors, wine and beer (alas, no vermouth so it was not possible to make a Negroni); but, it must have been Korean night at the Lounge since they also offered tastings of various Korean soju:

The mini-buffet food that night included pajeon (scallion and seafood pancake), crispy pork (right), shrimp and duck in black bean sauce (left) and king trumpet mushroom salad (back). It was the perfect meal to go with a pear and ginger flavored soju with an OB beer chaser:

The Andong soju made with chrysanthemum went nicely with some dessert bites (don’t forget to click on different parts of this picture to check out Lytro’s living picture capabilities):

Another nice feature of the Lytro camera is its 8X optical zoom capability. This is a picture of the Lotte World Park, a small Korean version of Disneyland complete with a castle and characters, taken from the 28th floor Club Lounge of the Lotte World Hotel:

Click here to view Seoul Food, Part 1.


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