Giants Baseball Eats

We headed back to AT&T park where the SF Giants have recaptured 1st place position in the NL West by playing some great baseball over the past week or so.

Pre-game is the perfect time for engaging in some Happy Hour madness, especially when beers at the ballpark now cost $9.75. Waterbar was packed so we headed next door to Epic Roasthouse to indulge in some pre-baseball treats.

New Amsterdam Gin was featured in the Happy Hour Martinis (one made with dry vermouth, the other with sweet vermouth). A couple rounds of these got us into a proper game time mood:

The drinks went really well with the potato crisps sprinkled with parmesan cheese and truffle oil (we would prefer real truffles to the synthetic tuber taste):

We also ordered an olive salad bowl which featured several types of olives. This was the perfect snack to go with the gin:

There is an option to order some boquerones (Spanish anchovies) to go with the olive salad — this is a excellent deal for $1:

At AT&T Park itself, we loaded up on more fried starch from Murph’s Clubhouse Pub. They serve really good stadium fish and chips, where the fish and plentiful fries are crisp and not overly greasy:

What we call “the bowl of goodness” is Murph’s Irish Nachos made half-and-half style: fries are smothered with cheese sauce and topped with both chili and chopped pastrami:

The first event of the America’s Cup World Series was in the City this week, and a sailing social event filled the bay with more boats than usual:

It was a perfect night at the ballpark, and the Giants win made it even better:


2 responses to “Giants Baseball Eats

  1. Dear SFBarfly, Thank you for intelligent observations about food and drink that range from Seoul hotel room service to San Francisco’s AT&T baseball park in the course of only two days. The pictures are great! I might just need to see a Giant’s game, for a ‘bowl of goodness’!

  2. Traveling from S. Korea to SFO is the closest we get to being like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. You essentially get to relive your day twice and hope that it’s better the 2nd time around.

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