Mama’s Fish House Delivers True Aloha Spirit

A great way to say a sad goodbye to Maui is to eat a meal at Mama’s Fish House. Normally a far drive from most resorts, it is pretty close to the airport. Open since the early 1970s, Mama’s Fish House is always voted as a top place to eat. The restaurant imbues true Aloha spirit with great food featuring fresh fish, great service and a spectacular ocean view:

We started off with surprisingly not too sweet island cocktails: the Pau Hana (Bombay Gin, guava juice, ginger) was poured tableside and a Coconut Milk Refresher (gin, mint, fresh coconut milk).  Click to view our cocktail recipe for the Coconut Mint Refresher:

Their amuse bouche that day were cucumber slices topped with pickled fennel, onion and dill:

Their house made wheat bread was soft and slightly sweet:

The Smoked Marlin Carpaccio was served with onion slices, avocado and drizzled with Haiku Meyer lemon olive oil and chili water:

The Tahitian Ceviche featured Ahi cubes marinated in lime and coconut milk and served in a fresh coconut. The jalapeño bits made it surprisingly spicy good. The ceviche was served with fried chips made from breadfruit and sweet potatoes:

We went with the Traditional Hawaiian Plate which included grilled Mahimahi fish, slow-cooked Big Island wild boar, octopus luau (taro leaves in coconut milk) and Ahi poke. It was served with a baked Hana banana, Molokai sweet potato, lomi-lomi (tomato and salmon salad), fresh poi and a piece of Haiku lilikoi fruit. Hawaiian chili water was to be sipped between bites to cleanse the palate:

The end of the meal brought a small bite of coconut haupia and chilled fingertowels:

It was a perfect “last meal” in Maui (this time around anyway). On to Oahu.

Note: The BarFlys are vacationing in Hawaii. SF posts will return soon; in the meantime, hope you enjoy these travel-related posts.

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8 responses to “Mama’s Fish House Delivers True Aloha Spirit

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    • We can easily understand the obsession. It’s been awhile since we tried the Pau Hana, but here might be a good start: 1.5 oz gin, 1.5 oz guava nectar and 0.5 oz lime juice. The real question is the ginger, whether it’s made with Canton Ginger Liqueur or another means. We would guess that ginger simple syrup would work just as well so add 0.5 to 0.75 oz of either Canton or the ginger simple syrup (to taste). Good luck!

  2. I have also been obsessing over the Pau Hana drink. I started out using 1:1 ratio of gin and guava but the gin was over powering… I thought the glass was rimmed with a ginger/sugar mixture … So I blended candied sugar with granulated sugar and rimmed the glass… I used the juice of half a lime also but could never quite get it right.

    I also tried mixing the ginger/sugar mixture in a shaker and mixing it all together.

    I will definitely try the ginger syrup though!


    • We’ll have to try it out and get back to you on getting the right ratio of gin, guava nectar and lime juice. It is definitely a drink that is shaken, then strained so some dilution of the nectar should happen. it’s summer now, so it’s a good time to do some experimenting … a trip back to Maui might just be warranted 😛

      • Hello! Has anyone figured out the Pau Hana recipe??? I’ve scoured every corner of the Internet and can’t find anything…

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