A blog about eating and drinking at the restaurant bar (mostly) based in San Francisco, California. Occasionally, there may be a cocktail, cooking or travel related post. We prefer to eat at the bar because it’s easy to get seats, service is great and it’s almost always instant gratification for drinks. Believe it or not, sitting at the bar is usually more private than sitting at tables set 6-10 inches apart.

The blog entries are not meant to be a full review, but are posted to showcase the food and drinks at the various places. In general, we will not be posting about places that we would not recommend so many of the write-ups may be more positive in tone than you would expect from a full reviewer. However, we are not immune to posting about a few glitches here and there. There will be repeat posts about restaurants since we tend to return to our favorite places — use this as a guide to see what’s currently on the menu.

We used to use the Lytro camera exclusively since it was the perfect camera for capturing that perfect food moment without bothering others around you with annoying flash bulbs.  With the Lytro ‘living pictures,’ you can ‘play’ with the pictures by clicking on different areas on the picture and it will automatically re-focus where you click.

But with their focus on the new Illum, we noticed a big degradation in photo quality posted on cloud. As of mid-October 2014, we will now post photos in JPEG format – they may still be taken with the original Lytro, but we now have control of the focal point.

We also have some fun collections on Foodie.com such as where to get the a Top Neopolitan Pizza, Fried Chicken or the best uni dishes in the City. Check out our collections at http://www.foodie.com/profiles/barflysf.

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    • Thank you MidiHideAways. One day, we hope to make it to Languedoc, France, where we will definitely be visiting and using your blog as a primary resource.

  1. Great blog! One of the best tables in a restaurant is at the bar – love the concept, love the reviews, love the Lytros photos. Definitely a new favorite.

    • Thanks Jennifer! We do apprecaite the shout-out on FB and twitter. We’ll have to stop by and do a post on Enoteca La Storia soon (except there we have noticed that a seat at the bar is a difficult one to get.

  2. Hello!

    Since Maggie Mc Geary who runs the website Real Voice PPM was kind enough to nominate me for the Seed of Light Award, I have the pleasure to nominate five other websites for the same award. Since I have been enjoying your blog very much I would like to nominate for the award as well.
    You can find the rules for the award summarized here:

    Thank you very much for continuously entertaining your readers – enjoy your Sunday!
    All the best

    CaveGirl MBA

    • CaveGirlMBA, Thank you so much for your nomination and the kind thoughts behind it! We feel very honored to be included in your list and are so glad to have had the opportunity to meet you virtually and in person!

    • Thank you very much Cynthia. Just checked out cyneats.com and it’s really great! It’s always fun to virtually meet a fellow blogger, especially one in SF.

  3. Hey BarFlySF, I met you many moons ago at an urban spoon event most notably because you are the only other lytro camera user I have ever run across out in the wild! Have you tried the Illium?

    • Hey Foodhoe! Indeed we remember meeting you at the Corner Store. The Illum takes even better pics than the original small Lytro, but it was just to big and bulky and wouldn’t allow us to “stealthily” take pictures.

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