AirLounge Cocktails: Seoul Sour

One of the BarFlys recently had to travel to South Korea for business, providing an opportunity to make another airlounge cocktail. As a review, we’ve teamed up with CaveGirlMBA to have some fun and try to make cocktails from resources available at airline lounges. It’s a real challenge since selections tend to be limited; bitters and fancy garnishes are generally out of the question. It’s not possible to create cocktails in lounges in the United States, as they do not allow free pours of alcohol. However, international lounges are another story, and every lounge offers a different selection of liquors. This sour-based drink can be made in the Asiana Lounge in Seoul, South Korea.

I tried to take a picture of the bar offerings at the lounge, but was quickly shut down and told it was forbidden to do so by the two lounge hostesses, who never left the drinks and food area unattended. While stocked with the usual offerings of beer, soda and juices, the alcohol selection was thinner than at most other lounges: Johnny Walker Black, Jack Daniels, Gordon’s Gin and Remy Martin Cognac. Not sure if they were being trendy or just out of stock, but no vodka could be found. Sure, it would be easy to make a Gin & Tonic or Jack & Ginger; but that’s not much of a challenge.

The basic ingredients for this Seoul Sour are Remy Martin Cognac, split lemon wheels (found at the tea station), orange juice and a little bit of Côtes du Roussillon red wine (used in place of a bitter). Sweetener granules from a packet were used in place of a simple syrup. It may all sound strange together, but trust us, the cocktail was actually pretty good – so much so that a traveling business companion who doesn’t normally drink took not one, but two sips to try it out and declared it a success.

Seoul Sour
1.5 oz. Remy Martin Cognac
0.75 oz. orange juice
0.25 oz. dry red wine
1/3 teaspoon sugar or sweetener (more can be added to taste)
3 half lemon wheel slices

Add the lemon slices and several cubes of ice to the orange juice in a glass and muddle as best you can with a spoon. Add about 1/3 teaspoon of sugar or sweetener granules to the glass and stir until sugar is incorporated. Add cognac, red wine and more ice to the glass and stir to chill. Strain into a new glass filled with ice and garnish with a split lemon wheel.

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    • Thanks CaveGirl! We know you are more than knee-deep in helping prospective employees find new jobs with great interview questions, so this can definitely wait.

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