Double the Patty, Double the Pleasure at KronnerBurger

It has been awhile since we originally posted about KronnerBurger, Owner-Chef Chris Kronner’s pop-up within Bruno’s. We have been back a few times since the original post, and a lot of changes have happened in the past couple of months:

  • They have expanded hours and are open Sunday – Friday nights from 6 pm until late
  • Reservations are now available via Urbanspoon (click to make a rez now)
  • Barmen Gabe and Brandon (from Locanda) are now helming the Bruno’s main bar on Friday nights, instantly upgrading that bar program

The menu changes often with new food items or cocktails added as inspiration hits Chef Kronner or the great bartenders. We missed the opportunity to get the Gentleman’s Burger, which was a stack that included everything but the kitchen sink, including sweetbreads and bone marrow. However, you can be assured that the new and staple menu items are all going to be great.

Lovely Lisa Marie was our bartender for the evening and made us a couple of Stranger Juice cocktails (also available by the pitcher). It is essentially the same as the Locanda/KronnerBurger Church cocktail made with gin, lemon juice, and Aperol; however, the Cocchi Americano has been replaced with locally made Sutton Cellars Vermouth. It was a nice update, making the drink less sweet and more aperitivo-like:

They introduced the fried chicken wings during their Superbowl Sunday party and offer it on the current menu. These might be our new favorite spicy fried wings since the large whole limbs were served on top of a very spicy pepper sauce. It warranted another round of the Stranger Juice for us:

We ordered the famous KronnerBurger, but this time opted for a double which came complete with a “middle” third bun:

We ordered it rare, and it was perfectly cooked. Stacked with pickles, lettuce and the addictive cheddar mayonnaise, this burger was so much better than any Big Mac:

We almost always order the tasty onion rings as a side dish since they are one of the crispiest versions around. The spicy aioli dip isn’t really necessary, but adds even more flavor and a little bit of heat:

The Patty Melt is their cheesiest burger as it comes topped with plenty of melted gooey Gruyère:

The buns were grilled with lots of butter, and the grilled onions completed the decadently rich and messy burger:

We ended with a couple of Tequila-based Cocktails. The spirituous drink was made with Tequila (one with Reposado and the other Blanco), Mezcal, Grapefruit Bitters and syrup. The smokiness of the cocktail made for a perfect ending to another great meal at KronnerBurger:

April, 2013 Update
The crowds have found KronnerBurger due to some great reviews. Do note that Gabriel Lowe is no longer the Bar Manager at Locanda.

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2 responses to “Double the Patty, Double the Pleasure at KronnerBurger

  1. Wow! This is really the comfort food I like! I definitely have to go there one day too!
    Those onion rings look really crispy and light!… Well as “light” I mean with a thin crust 😉
    I didn’t understand so much the “messy” burger… the top bun seems everything but bread like… just a piece of melted cheese instead… but it looks delicious too! Right?
    The Tequila-based cocktails are just the cherry on top!

    • Ilaria, you are correct – the onion rings are quite possibly the best around. The bun on the patty melt is the same as the middle bun of the Double KB – just enough bread to pick up the messy (but super tasty) burger. You will have to come to SF to eat here: you will most certainly not be disappointed with the food, drinks and retro Bruno’s atmosphere (think tufted walls, disco-ball and dimly lit by candlelight).

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