More, More, More of More e Macine in La Morra

On an excellent recommendation from Claudia, the proprietor of Bricco dei Cogni where we stayed, we discovered Osteria More e Macine, located in the heart of La Morra in Italy. With a casual atmosphere, it was the perfect place for lunch since we had been gorging ourselves on multi-course meals during this culinary journey.

Their menu is written on a blackboard that is brought from table to table. However, their wine list was quite large, which seems to be the case with many of the restaurants here in Piemonte. Despite the laid-back ambience, More e Macine delivers excellent execution with a focus on traditional Piemontese cuisine.

Since we don’t get great versions of this antipasti dish in the US, we always order the Vitallo Tonnato if it is offered. The sliced veal with the mayonnaise-based tuna sauce was very good:

Since it was lunchtime, we ordered a bottle of Favorita wine. Rarely imported into the US since it is considered one of the lesser white varietals from Piemonte, we find that the hint of sweetness pairs perfectly with food:

At this point of our trip, we had not eaten any of the typical Piemontese dishes, so we used this opportunity to order the agnolloti al plin, made with a traditional combination of rabbit, veal and pork meats. Served with a simple butter and sage sauce, we always marvel at how much work must go into making each of these individual dime-sized ravioli:

We also ordered another local traditional dish, the excellent egg yolk tajarin with ragù alla Piemontese made with beef and pork:

As we have with other meals, we shared the delicious eggs with fonduta cheese with white truffle shavings. This was a very reasonably priced dish since truffles were already included in the price. Just look at how orange the yolks of the eggs are:

More e Macine is the kind of Italian restaurant we would like to have in San Francisco: open all day from late-breakfast through late-night dinner, delivering excellent food and offering a killer wines list. It served as a perfect lunch spot for us, but we can easily see coming back for dinner as well.

Note: The BarFlys are vacationing in Italy. SF posts will return soon; in the meantime, please enjoy these travel-related posts.


2 responses to “More, More, More of More e Macine in La Morra

    • Debra, I would agree with you about La Morra. We usually use it as our home base when we go to Piemonte. Thanks for visiting. I wish I had checked your blog prior to this trip – will do next time we visit Italy again.

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