Tacolicious Fits Right in the Mission

Located right next door to Mosto in the Mission, owner Joe Hargrave opened a branch of Tacolicious. As an upscale taqueria, it offers many Mexican-inspired snacks such as made-to-order guacamole or chile con queso, but the real draw is its tacos and drinks. With an extensive Tequila list, they offer margaritas by the pitcher and fruit-based chupito shots orderable in quantities of 4, 8 or 12.

When you sit down, a basket of warm tortilla chips and a well-spiced tomato salsa is brought to the table. We also ordered a couple of beers to go with our meal:

This time around, we started with the albacore tuna tostadas “contramar-style,” where the sashimi-style white tuna was served with crispy leeks, chipotle mayo and topped with avocado slices. The local fish was very tender, fresh and tasty:

With the fish caught off the Northern California coast, we discussed how we first ate albacore growing up: out of a can (which is probably the same for most people). We wondered why we spent many years eating it that way, at least until our late teen years when we were introduced to the magic of sushi.

Tacos can be ordered individually, as a group of 4, or 10 pieces. We learned our lesson from previous experience that 4 tacos is plenty for 2 people to share. They didn’t have the conchinita pibil available on the menu this time around, so we chose 2 carnitas and 2 of the battered fried fish tacos (it’s hard to share small tacos). A platter of tomatillo, chipotle and habanero salsas accompany the taco platter:

We have ordered almost all of the taco filling choices with past visits and realized that the fried local cod is our favorite:

If it’s a nice day, sit outside on the patio and marvel at the mural of the city that lines the wall:

Even if it isn’t a nice day, it is still possible to sit on the patio since they have a retractable roof and heaters. It’s really more important to get a seat somewhere in this perennially packed place, whether it’s indoors, outside or at the bar (our favorite perch).


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