Continuing to Expand Our Virtual Presence with Groupon

We have been eating and drinking around our favorite city, San Francisco, for as long as we can remember and have been blogging about it for the past year and a half. Occasionally we get contacted by organizations to contribute articles to other sites, and we try to help out when we can by relating our restaurant experience, hoping that it will also expand our virtual presence.

Our latest venture assists Groupon with launching their City Guide for San Francisco (coming very soon) by posting a restaurant-based article about once a month. Groupon’s new local city guides are separate from the ‘deals’ that they are known for. Articles we author will have no ties to, or be influenced by, any local food deals that they promote; however, restaurant deals will be featured on the same page.

Our first article for Groupon Local, Fine Dining Fab Five in the Mission, features gems in our neighborhood: Commonwealth, Locanda, Lolinda, Range and St. Vincent. It is possible to make same day (and advanced) reservations at all of these restaurants. Sure, we would love to have included flour + water (among others), but they typically require reservations 60 days in advance. Also, we decided to stick to the Mission/Valencia corridor. Click here to read more.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 11.11.01 PM

August 2014 Update

We had fun writing the articles that we did for Groupon, but we have decided to concentrate our future efforts solely with BarFlySF.  All of our posts that we did write are listed below.

All BarFlySF Groupon Posts
Fine Dining Fab Five in the Mission (Groupon site: Nov. 20, 2013)
Eating the Embarcadero (Groupon site: Jan. 16, 2014)
The Mission is Turning Japanese (Groupon site: Feb. 10, 2013)
Southern in San Francisco: Fried Chicken & Whiskey (Groupon site: Mar. 12, 2014)
Five Patios for Dining Outside in San Francisco (Groupon site: Jul. 1, 2014)


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