Expanding Our Virtual Presence with Foodie.com

We are always looking for opportunities to expand our food blogging horizons, and recently we discovered Foodie.com. In case you haven’t heard about it yet, Foodie.com is a platform to share information about everything edible.

From chefs, food influencers, diners, bartenders to home cooks, everyone can share recipes or local places to eat or drink. Foodie.com can also be used to generate and research collections of items like recipes or local restaurant recommendations.

In our case, we created a few restaurant-related collections on finding our top dishes or places to drink in our favorite city, San Francisco. Want to know our thoughts on which restaurants have the best bars to drink and eat at? How about where to find the best Uni (sea urchin) preparations? We’ve also made collections on where to get the best fried chicken; and last but not least, where to do some offally great nose-to-tail eating.

Check out our initial collections on foodie.com (click to view):

We’ll be adding more collections, so be sure to visit Foodie.com and start your own collections.


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