Expanding Our Blogging Horizons with Spoonwiz

Just a quick note that the BarFlys will be doing some moonlighting with occasional posts on Spoonwiz. As best explained on their site, “Spoonwiz is a global tapestry of food, woven and celebrated by critics, writers, bloggers, culinary professionals, and food lovers. It is a publishing platform for writers committed to producing high quality articles and reviews.” We are proud to announce that we have joined their network as an extension of our internet presence.

Whereas we photo-blog our dining experiences here at BarFlySF.com, our articles for Spoonwiz will focus more on restaurant and bar reviews, along with an occasional essay on a food-related topic. We started with an updated review of the Menlo Park institution, The Dutch Goose.

If you haven’t already found them, we highly encourage you to visit Spoonwiz and enrich your culinary awareness!


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