A Virtual Toast to BarFlySF’s First Year


Today is our one year birthday, anniversary or whatever it’s called in the blogosphere. We started this blog exactly a year ago to help ourselves remember and share some of the spectacular meals and drinks that we have been lucky enough to experience along the way. To help celebrate, we are unveiling our new logo which will be used as our Gravatar moving forward (without the birthday flame of course).

Here’s a look at some of the details behind the tens of thousands of visits for BarFlySF’s first year:

  • No. of visiting countries: 98
  • No. of posts: 230
  • No. of Michelin Stars consumed: 25
  • The 3 most popular restaurant posts: Momofuku at Copain, Morimoto’s Omakase and Atelier Crenn
  • The most popular search terms have been about cocktails recipes so we’ll be sure to post more of those (as a side note, we noticed a resurgence in interest for Key Lime Pie Martini‘s, circa 2000 – could that be the next trend?)
  • We apologize to the many visitors who have inadvertently found us by searching for “Lytro Porn” or some “Porn” derivative (we only feature food porn here, but are aware that these visitors were likely looking for something more racy and we hated to disappoint them)

We wanted to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to all of you who have have visited, followed us, commented and “liked” the posts; we do appreciate your stopping by. We have also virtually met some great fellow bloggers along the way, and we look forward to continued exchange of ideas and information. Let’s share a virtual toast to our first year; all of you are the reason that we look forward to continuing this blog and hopefully have many more successful years.


5 responses to “A Virtual Toast to BarFlySF’s First Year

  1. Congratulations!!! You’re doing an amazing job reviewing all those places! You make me feel of being a bit there, my favourite place on earth! So thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Hope one day I’ll be able to share a lunch with you there!

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