SFP: Beef “Tartare” 04.05.13

This week’s Serious Food Porn (SFP) features the Beef “Tartare” made from chopped sirloin cooked in a sous-vide water bath to a perfect rareness from Trick Dog in the Mission, the hottest ticket in town right now. The egg yolk brought the cornichons, mustard, herbs and beef all together.

Click to refocus, or click and drag to check out the parallax view (a single click returns to refocus view):
[lytro  username=”mann99″ photo=”612197″ width=”400″ height=”415″ scrolling=”no”]

If you have read the About page, all pictures in this blog are living pictures taken with the Lytro light-field camera, which allows refocusing of different parts of the picture. Learn more about Lytro’s parallax view capability from a previous post (click to view).

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