Sitting By a Dock of the Bay at Mission Rock Resort

The weather warmed up in San Francisco over this past weekend to around 69F (20C). With freezing weather lately, give us Bay Areans some sun and moderately nice weather, and we’ll take the opportunity to spend some time outside in the middle of winter. We immediately thought of going to Mission Rock Resort for a nice brunch since they have plenty of deck space with a calm bay view.

Taken over late last year with an extensive renovation by the restaurant group that owns the AT&T Park staples MoMo’s, Pedro’s Cantina and Pete’s Tavern, it’s a great dining escape that offers terrific views with easy parking:

We started with a plate of BBQ Oysters that were grilled enough to heat up the bi-valves, but not cook them all the way through. The “tavern” BBQ sauce was sweet and tangy and paired well with the oyster and its juices:

The Crab & Shrimp Melt was served open-faced on toasted sourdough. A remoulade lightly spiced with dill held the shellfish meat together and melted cheddar cheese covered the entire sandwich. It was a great version of a seafood melt. The mixed green salad with a citrus vinaigrette that came with it was excellent:

A Scrimshaw pilsner was the right beverage to pair with brunch on this warm winter day:

We also ordered the Fish & Chips made with a deliciously flaky Icelandic cod. The shoestring fries were a little bit disappointing since they weren’t so crispy, but the honey jalapeno slaw was quite good:

It was a great afternoon to linger over a long lunch since the weather was really pleasant. Serenaded by a heavily electronic 80’s soundtrack, we started discussing what bands from that era are still around today, and all we could think of was U2. This discussion eventually turned to Otis Redding’s Sitting at the Dock of the Bay and how the iconic whistling was intended to be replaced with words which didn’t happen because of his tragic plane accident. It was a perfect song to describe our experience that afternoon as we sat on the deck watching the ships roll in and roll away.

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