Whiskey and BBQ at Southpaw

In a previous post, we covered how the menu at Southpaw BBQ in the Mission improved under Chef Max Hussey. Their menu continues to evolve under Chef Hussey who has been making many new additions to the entire menu. The bar program also seems to have become even more whiskey-centric, a welcome surprise since the aged spirit pairs really well with Southern and smokey BBQ food.

We started with some Manhattans made with Bulleit Rye and Carpano Antica Vermouth carefully measured out to perfection by the bartendress:

The new Brewer’s Plate featuring a pork and fennel sausage, crispy pork belly and cured fatback (lardo) was something that immediately caught our eye. The pork parts came with sweet relish, house pickles and toasted baguette slices. It was a satisfyingly great way to start our fat-laden meal:

Even though there were plenty of different sauces provided on the sausage and belly platter itself, we couldn’t help but try out different bites with their BBQ sauces. The mustard sauce went particularly well with the sausage:

As big fans of Navajo tacos, we had to get the smoked pulled goat with fried bread. The bread wasn’t quite the same or as puffy as the Navajo version but it was still great. The salsa verde and house pickles helped balance the overall flavor of the very rich tasting tender goat meat:

We decided to try their reasonably priced whiskey flight from High West. From left to right, the flight featured shots of American Prairie Reserve (a blend of 6 and 10 year bourbons), Son of Bourye (a blend of 5+ year aged bourbon and a 3+ year aged rye) and the Rendezvous Rye (a blend of straight 16 and 6 year 95% rye mash whiskeys). The flight was an interesting way to try aged spirits from a single producer. The order of the flight pretty much matched our preference since we tend to prefer straight ryes over heavy corn mash bourbons, as we find that they tend to be more complex and less sweet:

For our Meat and 2 Sides Selection, we went with the blue cheese sauce smothered tender short rib with cauliflower gratin and a ham-hock studded cheesy grit cake. The grit cake was really great as was the cauliflower side dish.

They now have a whiskey loyalist program where drinkers can taste their way through 40 whiskey shots, with a prize of a bottle of their favorite whiskey awarded by Southpaw. If if that’s not a reason enough to return often, don’t forget that the food is always worth coming back for.


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