Blue Line Pizza is a Southern Little Star

Little Star Pizza, with an outpost in the Mission, went Southbound in the form of Blue Line Pizza. Named after the Chicago train that travels between O’Hare airport and downtown, Blue Line has branches in Campbell and Burlingame. The pizza menu is almost the same but there are slight differences in salads, appetizers and drink offerings.

Blue Line Pizza in Campbell has something that Little Star in the Mission does not: a full liquor license. They offer a few cocktails, mostly in the vodka and tequila veins; unfortunately, their whiskey selection is very spartan. Beer is still one of the best pairing with pizza, so we opted for a couple of refreshingly cold Trumer Pils:

The Garlic Bread featured some of their pizza dough baked in a deep dish pan topped with a blend of butter, garlic and melted mozzarella. Basil chiffonade added color and flavor to the cheesy great bread:

Bacon and Blue Salad was their version of the classic wedge salad. Instead of iceberg, romaine lettuce is topped with bits of bacon, gorgonzola blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, and caramelized red onion. Tossed with their housemade blue cheese dressing, it was almost healthy:

Just like at Little Star, Blue Line offers both thin crust and deep-dish style pizzas. They have pre-made combinations available for each crust type on the menu, or you can create a custom pie with various topping options. As a tip, they will make any of the pizzas available on the menu with either crust type.

We ordered our usual pie: an Italian Combo from the thin crust section, but made deep-dish style with mushrooms replacing the green bell peppers (other toppings are pepperoni, salami, onions, black olives, and spicy pepperoncini). This pizza tastes exactly the same as the version at Little Star:

A closeup of the small size pizza slice dressed with pepper flakes and parmesan cheese:

Since their whiskey selection is very limited, we opted to drink some Hennesy VSOP Cognac shots to finish the meal:

We can honestly say that the pizza here at Blue Line is identical to that of Little Star in the Mission. The South Bay can’t compare with San Francisco for bar programs, so it would be great to see them take advantage of their full liquor license and expand the bar program with more artisanal cocktails.

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