Hipster Vibe at Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem

Paying homage in name only to the Muppet Show’s resident rock band, there are no other links to Jim Henson’s (now Disney’s) puppet characters in the Mission neighborhood bar. Missionites can feel right at home at the hip retro bar that also happens to serve American comfort food like burgers, wings and tater tots. On Sundays, it’s a great place to go watch some football, drink some beers and down some tasty brunch items.

The funky decor centers around some sequined lamp-headed mannequins and odd nick knacks placed among shelves throughout the bar (and yes, Fernet is available on tap):

Beer is served in Mason jars, and in this case, we drank some pilsners to kick off our day:

The 3 Breakfast Sliders came stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon and spiced up with some tasty chipotle aioli. It comes with a choice of homefries or tater tots and the choice for us was pretty clear:

The Mission Scramble came with eggs accompanied by a generous amount of avocado, queso fresco and deliciously doused with pico de gallo. Once again, we opted to get the Ore Ida ingenious spud invention made with leftover frozen fry scraps:

Dr. Teeth is a great casual place for bites and a beer, or stronger libations from their full bar. If the weather is nice (as it has been later into this year), they do have a patio in the back where orders can be placed at the bar.


Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem on Urbanspoon


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