Brats and Beer at Rosamunde Sausage Grill

Rosamunde Sausage Grill in the Mission is a great place to go for sausages and beer. With over 2 dozen draft craft beers available by the glass or pitcher, and almost as many sausage choices, there is something on their menu for every taste (including vegan sausages). The menu is fairly simple: grilled sausages, a few side dishes such as French fries, green salad, baked beans or German potato salad. On weekends, they also have egg and sausage based brunch items available.

Grilled sausages can be ordered on a French roll with a selection of 2 toppings, or as a sausage plate with baked beans or a green salad. Orders are taken at the counter underneath the menu board:

We chose Reissdorf Kölsch beers from Cologne, Germany to drink with our sausages:

One of the special sausages available that day, the Chicken, Pork, Mushroom and Truffle Sausage was ordered with beef chili and grilled onion topping. Shown here with a large order of fries, the truffle flavor was very prominent in the tasty sausage:

The Bratwurst sausage came with 2 skinny links and ordered only with Sauerkraut topping, to capture German authenticity. Adding mustard to the dog made the experience complete:

Mustard and various sauces are pumped into small paper cups or directly onto the sausages at the condiment station. The curry ketchup and garlic-pepper mayo went particularly well with the fries.

Bring plenty of cash since Rosamunde does not take credit cards. Conveniently, there is an ATM located onsite just in case.

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