Poultry Shines at Mission Bowling Club

We returned to Mission Bowling Club for dinner to check out some of the latest dishes that Executive Chef Anthony Myint and his Mission Street Food crew are creating. During the evenings when the bar and tables are packed, it’s almost hard to hear that bowling in the 6 lanes is actually going on, but you are visually reminded that you are in an alley by the various mirrors and retro bowling-themed decor.

We discovered the best deal for Fried Chicken in the City. For $8, three perfectly fried boneless chicken thighs arrive suspended by a skewer over a tray made from recycled alley wood. The ranch wasn’t a garden variety salad dressing, it was a very thick dip that went well with the chicken (although the fried chicken was so good, it didn’t really need it):

French fries with a very spicy aioli dip can be ordered as an appetizer. The fries were creamy on the inside and crunchy on the outside which leads us to believe that they freeze the spuds prior to a final fry:

They have a full bar which offers house created and classic cocktails. We opted for a couple of rounds of a Perfect Manhattan (Bulleit Bourbon, Sweet and Dry Vermouths bitters) and Trumer Pils Beer:

A crispy pork belly appetizer was served over avocado, fried hominy kernels and cabbage. Pickled carrots and jalapeño slices helped to tame the fattiness of the tasty pork:

One of the newer dishes on the menu, the Roast Duck Breast, was truly a revelation. The duck skin was properly rendered into a nice crisp. The duck came with minced chicories and was served over farro verde, puréed turnip and the plate finished with a root beer sauce:

The Marrow-Braised Beef Cheeks came with thinly sliced rainbow carrots where some were pickled and others not. THe generous amount of very tender beef were served over cooked wheat berries and finished with some jus:

Everything we ate was very good, but the fried chicken and the duck shone above the rest of the dishes. We would easily return for those dishes, and the famously messy granulated Mission Burger we so miss from the early Duc Loi days.


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