Bottomless Danger at Luna Park Brunch

Luna Park is one of our standards in the Mission since they serve consistently good food and have a great bar. They installed TVs in the bar area about a year back which makes it a good low-key option for some Sunday football while eating some great food.

They offer very good but dangerous bottomless Mimosas and Sangrias over the weekend, where refills are available until 3:00 pm. We try to make it a rule to not show up prior to 1:30 p.m. if we decide to take advantage of this, since we do want to stay functional for the rest of the day. Our glasses were never even close to empty since our bartendress capped us off constantly:

We ordered their “Longhorn” Texas Breakfast Tacos stuffed with scrambled eggs, potatoes, cheese, salsa and house-made chorizo. A generous serving, these were more like burritos rather than tacos:

The Salmon Hash with poblano peppers, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, pea tendrils and fried eggs was an excellent brunch item. The peppers played nicely with the lightly sweet corn and tomatoes and the big chunks of salmon:

We still did enough damage with the bottomless drinks where we found ourselves stumbling happily home. It almost seemed like the brunch food is really meant to soak up just enough of the alcohol to prevent too much damage.

November, 2015 Update
Luna Park is now closed

Luna Park on Urbanspoon


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