Protein-Heavy Pub Fare at the Napper Tandy

The Napper Tandy on 24th Street in the Mission is an Irish Pub named after a political activist from the late 18th century who advocated rebellion against the British Empire. Recently renovated, we were looking for a place to go watch some sports and eat some fish and chips.

We ordered a pitcher of Stella Artois which was served in a plastic pitcher adorned with Mexican beer logos, as was the pitcher of water thoughtfully brought by our Irish-accented waitress:

Football (the American kind) is best watched with beer and chicken wings. The Buffalo wings were crispy good and spicy. The plate arrived with minimal vegetable crudités, which was just fine by us. You don’t order wings and expect it to be healthy:

Fish and Chips were beer-battered cod fillets served over hand-cut fries with coleslaw and tartar sauce. The ratio of fish to potato was very much to our liking:

The Irish men at the table next to us (drinking plenty of Magners Irish Cider) told us that we had to order the Irish Breakfast. We heeded their advice and weren’t at all sorry that we did. The plate came packed with 2 eggs, country fried potatoes, pork breakfast sausage, Irish bacon (the ham at 12 o’clock in the picture), white pudding, black pudding, roasted tomato and a small crock of beans. It was great comfort food and very filling since there were at least 4 different pork products featured in this plate:

Not that we had any room left to eat it, but they did serve house-made soda bread with butter and jam as part of the Irish breakfast:

The Napper Tandy offers a very relaxed atmosphere as a place to go watch some football and eat some pub food. The service there is very friendly as are its Irish ex-pat patrons.

We do need to brush up on our Irish pronunciation since we experienced great difficulty in ordering a couple of shots of Tullamore Dew whiskey from our waitress. It was almost like a comedy routine where we had to repeat what we were asking for several times, and she finally (and innocently) said, “Oh Tullamore Dew!” Naturally we thought, “Isn’t that what we said?” Apparently not.

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