flour + water Delivers Simple but Elevated Italian Food

True to its name, flour + water delivers an excellent take on the two primary ingredients used for pasta and pizza that anchors their menu. There are a few antipasti and secondi (main) dishes available as well. As one of the best authentic Italian restaurants in the City, Chef Thomas McNaughton and his staff showcase ingredients in seemingly simple, but expertly executed courses.

Salads, listed as an antipasti course, are driven by seasonal ingredients. For the end of summer, the salad was a tasty panzanella that included heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, burrata cheese, mint and bits of fried bread:

Fritto misto came with smoked trout fritters, eggplant and summer squash. The fried items were served on bagna cauda dipping sauce (oil, garlic, anchovy, butter) and lemon aioli:

We chose the spaghetti with tuna confit and bottarga (preserved fish roe) and calabrian chili from the pasta part of the menu. The noodles were topped with a sous-vide egg yolk and fried bread crumbs:

The Sardinian-inspired course featured perfectly cooked house-made spaghetti. Mixing in the egg yolk resulted in a tasty sauce that coated the pasta and tuna bits:

We asked for some bread to sop up the rest of the pasta sauce. Bread, served on request, comes with a generous amount of delicious olive oil:

A Southern Italian Gaglioppo from Calabria paired perfectly with our dinner:

The polpettine (tiny pork meatball) pizza came with treccione cheese, tomato, olive, red onion and topped with salmoriglio sauce (parsley, oregano, lemon, oil):

Open for more than three years now, getting a table at flour + water remains as elusive as when they first opened. Without a reservation booked two months in advance, be prepared for a long wait to get one of the 49 seats. Open until 11 pm everyday (later on weekends) a good time to come without a reservation is after 9:30 pm on weeknights or Sundays.


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