We Go to “Town”

A perennial Hale Aina Award winner for top restaurants since it opened in 2005, Chef-Owner Ed Kenney’s Town Restaurant is one of the pioneers in providing local, organic (“when possible”) food in Hawaii.

Mixologist Jordan took very good care of us and poured us the last of their barrel-aged Negroni cocktails:

Their bread service is a nice change of pace in providing two types of bread, olives and butter:

Town has one of the better wine lists we have seen in Hawaii, and we were happy to find this Langhe Nebbiolo from Piemonte to go with our meal:

We ordered their excellent house-made chinato salumi to start with. It paired perfectly with the Nebbiolo:

The house-made hand-cut pasta that evening featured a ragù made with chicken. The bowl was very hearty and large:

Tender and crispy pork belly was served with sautéed bitter greens and polenta:

Chef Susan Feniger (Border Grills and Street, Los Angeles) was in town for the Food and Wine Festival and also went to Town that evening. Chef Kenney came out and chatted with her:

Susan came with her lovely and delightful Director/Writer partner, Liz Lachman. We very much enjoyed sharing a meal at the bar with them:

The director came out in Liz where she “directed” this shot using the Lytro camera. Liz did a great job with her first Lytro photo (click anywhere in the back of the photo to refocus):

Susan had ordered many things off of the menu and kept insisting that we try some of their food. The roasted baby corn, mushrooms and fried green beans were all very good:

Town is an excellent restaurant with a great bar. With their focus on sustainability, it could easily be as successful anywhere else. The food is really good and is very reasonably priced. We will definitely come back when we come return to Oahu.

Note: The BarFlys are vacationing in Hawaii. SF posts will return soon; in the meantime, hope you enjoy these travel-related posts.


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