Come Hungry to La Fiesta

The reason to come to La Fiesta in Mt. View is for Grandmother’s secret Enjococado sauce and great Margaritas. Grandmother’s special guajillo and crema sauce recipe is a menu anchor here and at the other in-the-family owned restaurant branches in the Bay Area such as the two Fiesta Del Mars, two Vive Sols and Blue Agave.

They serve warm tortilla chips served with a trio of salsas (tomatillo, picante and roasted pepper pico de gallo) as soon as you sit down:

They have a special Camarones section where shrimps can be served many different ways, but this version with Chorizo is quite popular:

The dishes here are big and the Carne Asada Diabla was appropriately named since it was smothered with chipotle sauce, roasted jalapeño peppers (with seeds intact) and tomatoes:

Grandmother’s special sauce can also be ordered on burritos or enchiladas, but the best way to have it is the original dish with chicken:

La Fiesta has an extensive Tequila and Margarita drink list. Of course, what Mexican meal would be complete without Margaritas – this version had pineapple and fresh squeezed lime juices:

All of the dishes come served with rice, refried beans and a choice of corn or flour tortillas. With the huge portions and bottomless basket of tortilla chips, it is almost impossible to walk away hungry from La Fiesta.

La Fiesta on Urbanspoon


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