Sunday in the Grove with George and Al

Jazz legends Al Jarreau and the George Duke Trio gave a free concert in San Francisco as part of the 2012 Stern Grove Festival Series.

We decided to make it a picnic outing and stopped by the Duc Loi Market in the Mission to stock up on food. One of the market owners, Amanda Ngo, makes excellent Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches at the market counter that once upon a time was the home of Mission Burger (long, long ago):

The Original Vietnamese version came piled high with several variations of pork (roast pork, head cheese, ham), liver pâté, jalapeño slices, cucumbers, pickled daikon and carrots:

This cross-section shows the various levels of goodness:

The BBQ Pork Banh Mi was flavored with lemongrass. The sweetness of the sandwich contrasted nicely with the spiciness from the jalapeño slices:

Both of the Bah Mi sandwiches were generously over-stuffed and is probably one of the best values available in the City.

It was nice and sunny in the Mission, but foggy and cool in the Sunset District. It was still a great picnic and fun way to spend Sunday at Stern Grove with George and Al. If you look hard enough, you might see them behind these trees:

Duc Loi Supermarket

Duc Loi Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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