Getting Happy at Namu Gaji

It has taken us too long to eat at Namu Gaji. Ever since the three Chef/Owner D. Lee brothers moved their original restaurant from Richmond, it has been on our list; but somehow, we never made it there sooner. Hearing about waits and crowds in the intimate Mission space, we decided to go for their Happy Hour (5:00 – 6:30 pm Tuesday through Sunday) to check it out.

We started off with some “happy pints” served in frosty canning jars – a Dying Vines IPA and their exclusive Tillie’s Union Golden Rice Ale made by Magnolia:

We ordered the the Kalbi shortrib and chicken thigh “real” Korean tacos which turned out to be tasty but messy to eat (click on the taco in the back to get the shortrib one into focus):

We decided to try some shots of Soju to go with the beer:

The Gamja Fries topped with kewpie mayonnaise, gochujang (fermented Korean condiment), teriyaki sauce, kimchee relish and shortrib bits went perfectly with the beer. This spicy and sweet concoction should be called “the real” Korean Nachos:

Since it was hot in the City, we ordered their excellent shave ice dessert topped with toasted coconut, coconut milk and fresh berries. The hand cranked shaved ice dish was a perfect way to cool down:

We had the perfect perch to do some people watching and watch the crazy long lines for Bi-Rite Creamery move slowly. We wondered why everyone didn’t just come in for shave ice instead:

Noshing at Namu Gaji during Happy Hour is a great option in the Mission. We will definitely return for the more extensive dinner menu or to try their KFC (Korean fried Chicken) sandwiches served at lunch.

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