All Things Pittsburg at Giordano Brothers

Giordano Brothers in the Mission is not your typical Bay Area Sports bar where Giants, As, 49ers, Raiders, Sharks and Warriors games would be the focus. Instead, games played by the Pirates, Steelers or Penguins packs the place with Pittsburg expats decked out in black and gold.

Plenty of beer options, except Iron City Lagers, are available by the glass or the pitcher and they have a full bar offering cocktails and spirits. We prefer to drink beer with one of the City’s best version of chicken wings smothered with hot sauce:

The main item to get is the “All-in-One” sandwich which is made of 2 thick slices of bread stuffed with a choice of protein, provolone cheese, coleslaw and french fries. Extra protein or eggs can be added for a nominal cost. This time around, we ordered the hot Italian Sausage with 2 fried eggs added:

Check out the cross-section of this version of a Dagwood sandwich:

October, 2012 Update:
A steak all-in-one sandwich with 2 eggs added:

Giordano Bros (16th/Valencia) on Urbanspoon


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