KFC in the South Bay

The San Francisco South Bay has a wide variety of great ethnic restaurants. Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) is very popular nowadays and one of the original places to serve it here in the Bay Area is 99 Chicken in Santa Clara. The secret dredging double fry process works best with small pieces of chicken so 99 Chicken only serves platters of drumsticks and/or wings.

In Korea, KFC is not a meal in itself, it’s more of a snack served with pickled daikon to go along with beer. In this case, 4 of us divided 2 orders which served as a meal. A trip to their simple salad bar offering mixed lettuce and broccoli almost provides a healthy option.

The original Fried Chicken platter was really crispy:

The Hot Spicy Sauce Chicken was definitely extra spicy (they do provide disposable plastic gloves for handling) and makes for an excellent beer accompaniment:


99 Chicken on Urbanspoon


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