Jucy Lucy and Bloody Mary

We traveled to St. Paul, MN to catch the River’s Edge Festival to check out Tool and Puscifer (and a few other bands).

The Twin Cities is the home of the Jucy Lucy – molten cheese stuffed burgers. The version at Shamrock’s Irish Nook even came with a waiver:

Shamrock’s Juicy Nookie interpretation did the genre some justice:

The Twin Cities is also the home of the best Bloody Marys we have ever seen. It seems each bar tries to out-garnish the other with their versions and every bloody gets served with a beer chaser. The Weekender Bloody Mary at Ike’s in the airport is the best one we had – it was a meal onto itself. That’s a huge chunk of cheese, Slim Jim Jerky, and a cocktail prawn skewered among other things in there:

That Mary would be bloody hard to beat.



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