SPQR Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

We try to eat at SPQR at least once a month and more often than not at the wine bar (Natasha or Kelly usually at the helm expertly guiding the dining process). With every visit, the food from Chef Matthew Accarrino’s amazing menu just keeps getting better and better (we are not even sure how that’s possible).

This time around, we started with an arugula salad with cheddar cheese, pickled red onions and topped with anchovies:

From the Antipasti part of the menu, we opted for the pork confitura (pork slowly cooked in its own fat) that came with pickled sweet peppers, green peanuts and a sauce that was nicely spiked with jalapeno. Check out the thin slice of bread that simulated crispy pork skin:

SPQR has the best southern Italian wine list and since the Aglianico was slightly funky, we selected the Negroamaro which paired perfectly fine with our meal:

Chef Accarrino had a huge pot of onions caramelizing in wine sauce that takes all day to make — it wasn’t even going to be served until the next day (he was thinking with pigeon and figs), but he provided us with a sneak taste by serving it on a bruschetta with some burrata cheese and a hint of garlic. The onions offered the perfect amount of sweetness with some acidity from the wine braise:

Then came one of the best fried sweetbread dishes we have ever had (and we like Locanda’s version plenty). It was served with yellow wax beans and cauliflower 2 ways (florets and pureed):

We ended our meal with cannelloni pasta topped with tasty chicken ragu that must have been stewing all day:

Looking forward to another meal at SPQR next month (if not sooner).


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