Mama’s Fish House Delivers True Aloha Spirit

A great way to say a sad goodbye to Maui is to eat a meal at Mama’s Fish House. Normally a far drive from most resorts, it is pretty close to the airport. Open since the early 1970s, Mama’s Fish House is always voted as a top place to eat. The restaurant imbues true Aloha spirit with great food featuring fresh fish, great service and a spectacular ocean view:

We started off with surprisingly not too sweet island cocktails: the Pau Hana (Bombay Gin, guava juice, ginger) was poured tableside and a Coconut Milk Refresher (gin, mint, fresh coconut milk).  Click to view our cocktail recipe for the Coconut Mint Refresher:

Their amuse bouche that day were cucumber slices topped with pickled fennel, onion and dill:

Their house made wheat bread was soft and slightly sweet:

The Smoked Marlin Carpaccio was served with onion slices, avocado and drizzled with Haiku Meyer lemon olive oil and chili water:

The Tahitian Ceviche featured Ahi cubes marinated in lime and coconut milk and served in a fresh coconut. The jalapeño bits made it surprisingly spicy good. The ceviche was served with fried chips made from breadfruit and sweet potatoes:

We went with the Traditional Hawaiian Plate which included grilled Mahimahi fish, slow-cooked Big Island wild boar, octopus luau (taro leaves in coconut milk) and Ahi poke. It was served with a baked Hana banana, Molokai sweet potato, lomi-lomi (tomato and salmon salad), fresh poi and a piece of Haiku lilikoi fruit. Hawaiian chili water was to be sipped between bites to cleanse the palate:

The end of the meal brought a small bite of coconut haupia and chilled fingertowels:

It was a perfect “last meal” in Maui (this time around anyway). On to Oahu.

Note: The BarFlys are vacationing in Hawaii. SF posts will return soon; in the meantime, hope you enjoy these travel-related posts.

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