“Midnight” Munching at Merriman’s Maui

Note: The BarFlys are vacationing in Hawaii. SF posts will return soon; in the meantime, hope you enjoy these travel-related posts.

With a three-hour time difference, noshing at the Merriman’s bar at a late dinner time was really more of a midnight snack for us. Perhaps due to the tourist nature of the isle, diners tend to eat early and kitchens close by 9 or 10 pm; so, we did our job to help close out the bar this evening.

We started off with a round of cocktails: a Negroni over ice and a Nakano Farm Cucumber & Gin (Hendricks gin, cucumber, apple schnapps, lemon). The bartender coated the bottom of the latter drink with tabasco which added some surprisingly good heat:
[lytro  username=”mann99″ photo=”351543″ width=”400″ height=”415″]

The Kalua Pig and Sweet Onion Quesadilla was served with house-fermented kimchee and a mango chile sauce for dipping. The almost 2:1 pork to cheese ratio received no arguments from us:
[lytro  username=”mann99″ photo=”351544″ width=”400″ height=”415″]

“Fish and Chips” turned out to be crispy panko-crusted Mahi Mahi and chips made from local eggplant (in place of potatoes). The tartar sauce contained some sweet corn which was a great addition:
[lytro  username=”mann99″ photo=”351545″ width=”400″ height=”415″]

The Beef and Applewood Bacon Sliders were served with oozing blue cheese sauce on soft house-made brioche:
[lytro  username=”mann99″ photo=”351547″ width=”400″ height=”415″]

We ended the evening with another one of those addictively spicy cucumber and gin drinks and the house-specialty Mai Tai topped with lilikoi fruit foam:
[lytro  username=”mann99″ photo=”351548″ width=”400″ height=”415″]

This was a great way to start our tropical vacation. The Kapalua location (site of former Bay Club) allowed for pleasant evening breezes to circulate through the open floor-to-ceiling patio doors, reminding us that we were indeed far from home.


Merriman's (Kapalua) on Urbanspoon

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