LB Steak Should be Called RB Steak

Located across the street and a couple of blocks away from its older sister restaurant, Left Bank, this 2-month young second outpost of LB Steak by Chef-Owner Roland Passot should really be called Right Bank (RB) Steak.

Dustin took great care of us at the bar where we started off with a High West Double Rye Manhattan and a Rittenhouse Rye Sazerac:
[lytro  username=”mann99″ photo=”300898″ width=”400″ height=”415″]

The Maple-Glazed Pork Belly is something we would like to have for breakfast one day. The tender pork belly was served on top of a savory brioche bread pudding and covered with a perfectly fried egg. The frisée salad added a healthy option to the plate:
[lytro  username=”mann99″ photo=”300900″ width=”400″ height=”415″]

The olive bread was served with butter topped with black and pink salt, olive oil with balsamic vinegar pearls and a jam made with figs and bacon:
[lytro  username=”mann99″ photo=”300905″ width=”400″ height=”415″]

The Baby Iceberg Wedge Salad was generously topped with bacon, hard-boiled eggs and Point Reyes Blue cheese:
[lytro  username=”mann99″ photo=”300910″ width=”400″ height=”415″]

We ordered the Prime 12 oz. New York Steak which was served with a gougère and blue cheese walnut sauce (sadly they were out of Béarnaise). To accompany the steak, we ordered the potato gratin which is their version of a loaded baked potato as it’s topped with cheese, bacon and sour cream:
[lytro  username=”mann99″ photo=”300912″ width=”400″ height=”415″]

We had ordered the steak “blue” and it arrived perfectly rare:
[lytro  username=”mann99″ photo=”300914″ width=”400″ height=”415″]

We met and tasted with Cantina Del Pino’s Winemaker-Proprietor, Renato Vacca, in Piemonte; so we were pleased to see his Barbaresco available on the wine list. The wine paired perfectly with the beefy repast:
[lytro  username=”mann99″ photo=”300916″ width=”400″ height=”415″]

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